Jyothy Sreedhar

Unity in Diversity

“Unity in diversity” is just a concept, not a reality. Where does this so- called unity exist, I wonder!


A serious approach with aspects of society:

REGION: I have seen the North people looking “down” to the South with contempt and insulting them with the call as “Oye Madrasi”, instead of our names. Three months spent with Punjabis made me feel as though I had no name and I didn’t even exist as myself. I was treated as just a slave “down” their feet who are ‘born to’ serve them. They repeatedly remind us that the South are “down” the map, or rather “down” the North’s feet. When that’s the case in India, we are well aware of the racism that exists in the whole world, in each country. Coming to a smaller level, after getting divided as North and South, it doesn’t get over, when there are states in it, districts in each state, towns in each district, villages, streets, clubs, houses and families. In all these level, the differentiation happens. To say more, even among the members of a family. Well, that’s unity with the region! India should be proud of the diversity that it possesses, but not unity that is absent with its own people.

RELIGION AND CASTE- With those terms, we often point to the reserved section of religion that are grouped under the SC/ ST. I am not focusing on that area of the topic. They are getting privilege today and hence they have got into an equal position in opportunity. What upsets me is the way one religion looks at the other. Being a Hindu- Nair, I myself had heard the ‘prestigious’ Nairs telling about how dignified and cultured a Nair is. The way they see the other caste people takes in a lot of worst adjectives. It is similar with any religion or caste. Even when a new family is seen shifting to a neighboring house, there are people who run to them in disguise of a personal talk, while their real intention is to know about their religion- whether their new neighbors are “their own people” or “other group people”. Even that is the case when a person comes to a friend’s home. Some elders ask them the full name just to know about the ‘group’ that he is in. So do you really think that it doesn’t happen today?

GENDER- People say that females and males are equal in the society today. How I wish it is so in real! How many can raise your hands when I ask you whether a female and a male is treated in an equal level in the society, and in all families? I feel that the younger generation doesn’t do the difference, but still many a times, they have to oblige to the discrimination created in the society. But I do agree that the differences have got reduced in a huge scale, and now the female section has got promoted a bit from the status of being “untouchables” and “invisibles”. Thank God for that! And don’t you see that the ladies too have started drinking and smoking and also night outs to get equal with the men? Some other ladies roar out asking for equality, and the next day take the same roaring voice for the ladies reservations even in buses! Interesting! Equality should come from within, by working with a healthy competitive spirit of abilities and talents and not taking in the gender divisions of tasks!

COLOUR- Just a one liner question to you that needs a sincere answer- Is a dark coloured person equally considered as a fair one? For me, it is a bold NO! Looking beautiful earns you a lot of dignified people around, helping hands for you, vehicles that stop and offer you lift, even buses that wait for you to cross the road to get into it, a cluster of active people for you even in networks like Facebook. You disagree? 😉

QUALIFICATION AND JOB- That’s the greatest factor by which we are defined in a society. Your qualification yields you so many questions about your selection, specially if you haven’t chosen the “most dignified courses” like engineering, medicine or aviation. And then, your job will be the heading of a many- paged form in which you have to fill up the columns for the public. Thus, you get either promoted or demoted in the minds of those around, including your own family who also belongs to the section of people peeping into the neighbour youth with a comparative attitude.


Now a funny approach to the personal interests that make differences:

LANGUAGE- Why not English with an American- accent, cutting short the frequency of Malayalam words, to get “international”? 😉
The regular Malayalam speakers are called as “local”, for your kind information.

DRESS- Shorter and more torn, the better! A low waist jeans with the display of Jockey brand would promote you more. Those who don’t do that will never be considered as stylish and dignified. The eyes will always go to the first section.

FOOD- Italian/ Chinese even Ugandan, but not Keralite! That’s the core of distinction with food. If it is Keralite food, please take care to select a trendy “naadan restaurant” that will have kappa and fish curry as its prestigious recipies of a high price. Wait! The spoon, the fork and the knife should be used, instead of hands. Courtesy to Oprah Winfrey. 😛

MUSIC- Be trendy with enjoying musicless music list in your phone! That’s all! Have lots of varied noise in just one song and call it as your favourite. You will be looked up with admiration!

MOVIES- Even if you don’t understand, try the world movies or trendy ones and finish playing it, not necessarily watching it. After all, they are known as classics, and somewhere I got familiar with a definition that “a classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” If that is perfect with books, it is so with movies too. 🙂

GADGETS- The best and the latest in your hand, with the attitude that it is not a big thing for you!


Two one-liners as a conclusion:

Last but not the least, how do you consider a non-human being? Equal? 😉

Please note: The factor that least makes the ‘diversity’ is the character, in all ways. 😛


And let us live happily ever after! “God bless me first!” B-)