Jyothy Sreedhar


“Passed aeons, since we spoke the last”

I scrawled it in the wall that is raised between us,

securing each letter from your sight.

I can’t see the other side through the opaque bricks,

the cemented lost memories of dark.

On the other side, it’s you

who helped me raise that high wall.

We share this world now, as neighbours,

just as mere neighbours who don’t see each other-

I specify the most modern version.

We shall walk akin, aligned and check out

if the wall has any crack in it.

The steps cease at the corner without a meet,

asserting that our wall is intact.

Atlast with a sigh, I raise my eyes

to reach the height of our wall.

It extends to that dark cloud in the sky.

It can split the moon and the constellations.

Well, I am gratified.

The words that went forth without my knowing

stab and wound the bricks facing my side,

perish and get smashed with the thrust.

The wall kills them…the massacre…word by word…

My eyes entomb them safe in the yesters of earth.

And I certify- The wall is well built and perfect,

perfect enough for me to write to you.