Jyothy Sreedhar

My right man!

Hear my right person, my driver!

You lead me through my roads

and drive for me my turnings.

Right if right, left if left

and you lead me straight there.

I would like to sit here

just on your left-

the left front seat.

It is being together.


I’ll show you the scenes you missed.

Often, I may hum your favourite tunes.

Rarely, I may doze off to your shoulders.

But it is being together

like we walk in the sands, hand in hand,

like we jump in the rains, mad and loud,

It is being together.

I love this seat and I want it always.

Go ahead!

Drive, my right man!


Do you see that expensive car

racing our pace, mocking at us?

It happens.

You be blind to it.

We have a car to go,

and our way to go.

You are my right.

Absolutely right.

We will reach where we should,

to our palace of dreams,

making envious quite a lot.

You drive smoothly, and we are together.

Drive, my right… my perfect right!


The gears, the clutch, the accelerator-

I expect a speedy overtake.

Break for being unbreakable

and we are safe till we end.

We cover our miles together.

Isn’t that interesting?

The front glass displays a similar screen,

the sides be opposite, never bother,

we know how to compromise.

I am your left and you are my right!

Gear up!

Drive, my right person!


The back seat is darker.

I hate sitting there anytime.

It conceals the front view.

Have you seen how I struggled

to have a look at the front road!

It feels as if fate drives me sealing my eyes.

No! I dont want that.

I want you to be with me in the front

and we will drive our fate ahead.

What you say?

Take the right road!

Drive, my right person!


Never push me behind

sealing my eyes forward.

I hate the back seats.

We will sit together,

keeping the gears in between.

We move forward.

The palace waits!


Don’t break now!


Gear up!

Drive, my right man!