Jyothy Sreedhar


I’ve written so much!

O God, it’s really too much!

My emotions, my frustrations,

my thoughts, my egos,

and my own life…

See, you have written too much!

I’ve no meters, no rhymes,

no sense of the so-called rhythm.

Still I wrote, and it’s now too much!

I know that I don’t know

what exactly a poem is.

I just crowded up my words

in the busy streets of mind

that got lit up with

fluctuations of emotions.

It often caused

black shadows of thoughts.

And I, with a feeling of oneness,

read it as newspaper reports.

My words, you gave me life,

you gave me trust, you gave me love,

you gave me the big screens

to look on to this worthy world

With every detail and every pore.

It’s much long since we’ve started.

Thank you for being myself.

I am honoured that you are mine,

Mine, forever…!