Jyothy Sreedhar

Day and Night

They were born in the same sky,

but they separated as Day and Night

by a colourful streak of Twilight

joining and separating white and black.

Day took the sun, life and the heat of reality,

pushing behind its heart for the night.

Night took the moon, sleep and the rain of dreams,

keeping apart its life for the day.

There were births and rebirths,

the smile of togetherness

and the pain of separation

that haunted them from time immemorial.

God divided for them, the flaura-

beauty for Day

and scent for Night.

But they kept theirs afresh

to pass the twilight

to reach the other.

Day played hide and seek

in the dreams of Night.

And Night was wished for

in the heat of Day.

They never met,

never were they born to meet.

But even then,

Day slept in the night

and Night slept in the day.