Jyothy Sreedhar

A dramatic monologue


(Parallax impeded.)

You have the trial today.

I am the judge, mark me, the judiciary.

Respect my summons, my court,

Respect me- I say.

Did I hear anything?

No. Silence, as if dumb.

Bow down, for I’m superior.

You stand as a parakeet.

I laugh cruelly.

I remind you- you never did it,

what you should have done.

I amn’t specific, it’s knowingly.

Returning what you did to me.

Sort you filthy deeds yourself.

What you have done-

Know’t- you should have, never!

Ha! you scream? Hold your voice I say.

You wrote my life and called it horoscope.

Your script is dirty. Damn’t!

You err, in grammar and sense.

Did you take me for granted?

Thought you play me with string?

Yeah, You did. But now, I hold the sceptre.

Mind you, I hold it.

As I am literate, and you a rogue.

I take over fate, I decide myself.

To hear my verdict, seated are spectres

for the living fear, of a curse you act.

You act, you pretend, never are you real.

You want worship, the praises.

You ‘bless’ those who spend for you,

a full sack gold, money or prayers.

Isn’t that bias? Look up- to my eyes- here!

You don’t… in shame.

I pity you God, a thrash with hammer.

You seem shocked, full of vengeance.

Typecast neither me, nor you,

I have my court, as you have yours.

Reproach? No, my culprit.

Save your revenge for the next session.

And I shall come to your court.

Stand in full honour, never shall I bow.

I live my life all in secret.

You wait outside. ‘Do not disturb’.

I go against fate, the discipline, the moral.

I disavow my horoscope. Bull shit!

Take it! Fry it like hell!

If this your tear be sincere,

Dry it. Repent never. And leave my life.

Ah! Don’t look back.

Wait. Close the gate.

The verdict-

“You end. I begin.”